2018 beauty trends, were you made just for ME?! Because it feels that way.  Glow…..eyeliner….rosy eye makeup…metallic lips…  So much yes!  If you are as excited as I am about this year, keep reading to learn about the Harper’s Bazaar inspired Beauty Trends for 2018 to see what’s new, and of course a few classics that will never go out of style.

Popular Beauty Trends 2018

Popular Beauty Trends for 2018: What’s New and Trendy

  1. Rosy Eye Makeup.  Don’t panic, I’m not telling you to put hot pink shadow on your eyes but if you haven’t played with pink yet, you’ve got to try it this year!  Adding a touch of pink to your eye looks gives you a romantic, feminine allure.

My picks: Pink Frost ShadowSense, Mulberry ShadowSense, Whisper Pink ShadowSense, Pink Opal Shimmer ShadowSense ($22 each).  Click on link to see pics of these beauties, and consider adding the deep brown Garnet to your collection as it pairs perfectly with pinks.

2. Glowing skin.  While that youthful dewy glow is always desirable, it is going to be even bigger this upcoming season.  Great skincare is where you want to start, and then follow up by adding a beautiful highlighter to your makeup routine.  (Need a new skincare routine this year?  Contact me for an invite to an exclusive virtual skincare event I’m having at the end of January!)

My pick: MakeSense Pearlizer Foundation ($50).  Pearlizer is unique because it is a glowing foundation that is infused with anti-aging skincare, so you are improving your skin just by wearing makeup!  I like to either mix some Pearlizer with my foundation or tinted moisturizer, or highlight the corners of my eyes, cheekbones, brow bones, and bridge of my nose with just a touch of Pearlizer.

Popular Beauty Trends 2018 – Glowing Skin

3. Glittering eyeliner.  Yassssss!  Glittering, shimmering eyeliner adds a hint of luxury and dimension to your look and if you can find one that isn’t super sparkly you won’t feel like a disco ball but rather more like the Queen that you are 🙂

My picks: EyeSense Shimmers, $30.  These liquid liners dry for a flawless waterproof finish so they are staying put 🙂 Available in Gilded (bronze with a hint of gold glitter), Starry Sky (black with a hint of silver glitter), and Ocean (blue with a hint of teal shimmer).

Popular Beauty Trends 2018 – Glitter Eyeliner

4. Metallic lips.  Don’t be afraid of a great frosty lipstick and try one! Frosted lipstick gives off the gorgeous metallic finish that is going to be trending in 2018.

My picks: LipSense, $25 each.  There are so many gorgeous frosts to choose from and my favorites are Plum Pretty, Nutmeg, and Mauve Ice – fill out this form to get some personalized color recommendations sent straight to your inbox!

Popular Beauty Trends for 2018: Classic and Timeless

  1. Black eyeliner; it is just never going to go out of style.  While trends do change and you might not be applying liner the way you did in the 90’s, you can never go wrong by having a great black liner in your makeup stash.

My pick: Onyx ShadowSense, $22.  This creme-to-powder shadow can be applied with a thin eyeliner brush and sets to last all day and night, without smearing.

2. Red lips; if you could only have 2 lip colors (I mean, why would you do that especially when you can get a $55 credit towards all the lipstick you want in January but let’s just pretend), I would suggest a great Nude and a classic Red.  Snag one that is completely smudge-proof and you can drink your latte, kiss your babe, and go about your day without worrying about your gorgeous red getting anywhere it shouldn’t be.

My picks: Blu Red LipSense, Fly Girl LipSense, or Strawberry Shortcake LipSense (each $25).  Blu Red is a cool matte, Fly Girl is a warm matte, and Strawberry Shortcake is a cool matte with a hint of pink.

Thanks so much for reading about the Popular Beauty Trends for 2018! To order any of the products featured here, head over to my ordering page below and enjoy free shipping anywhere in the US 🙂


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