I’m not exactly sure what I should call her….a hair genius?  A miracle worker?  A color guru?

Because you can sit down at Carly Zanoni’s salon chair with a gnarly little mom bun because you haven’t brushed your hair in a couple of days, let her work her magic, and leave looking like a full-blown hair model.  (Want to see the most Pinterest-worthy Insta-hair feed ever? Check out Carly’s work here @the.blonde.chronicles!)

Carly is an expert who can be found doing her thing along with some of San Diego’s most incredible hair artists at the award winning Belle Sirene hair salon in La Jolla but lucky for us, she took some time to put together 5 tips to get the gorgeous hair of your dreams.  Keep reading to find out how!

5 Tips to get the Gorgeous Hair of Your Dreams

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Tip #1: Dry Shampoo over Everything!

Dry Shampoo is literally a lifesaver. Two day old hair looking a little greasy? Need a little volume in your roots? Dry shampoo will fix all of this and more!

Get Gorgeous Hair – Photo credit: Belle Sirene Salon

Tip #2: Healthy hair is Happy Hair!

This is especially true if there’s a particular style or color you are trying to achieve. Often times if your hair won’t curl the way you want it or if your color fades incredibly quickly, it’s likely because your ends could need a trim or your hair is too dry or over processed. Consult your stylist on a good product regimen to keep your hair healthy.

{How fabulous are these pics of Carly making lots of hair dreams come true?!}

Tip #3: Be Patient with Big Makeovers

Saw a photo you liked on Instagram of a major hair makeover? Don’t believe everything you see! Sometimes huge makeovers can take time and multiple sessions. Trust the opinion of your stylist!

Get Gorgeous Hair – Be Patient with Makeovers

Tip #4: Protect Yourself against Hot Tools

It’s inevitable that we are going to use hot tools on our hair. What’s important is that you protect your locks against the harsh damage that flat irons and curling irons can cause. A heat protectant spray does wonders. I love Oi All In One Milk by Davines.

Get Gorgeous Hair – Oi All in One Milk by Davines

Tip #5: Wash Less, Live More!

There is no need to wash your hair everyday! Try skipping a day, or even better, two or three days between washes. Your hair will feel much less dry! If you feel like your hair gets greasy too quickly, don’t give up! Give your scalp a bit of time to adjust to your new routine.

{My hair pictured below – I can’t get enough of a good bun!}

Get Gorgeous Hair – Wash Less, Live More {Photo credit: Carly Zanoni}

There you have it!  5 tips we can all use to get the hair we’ve been hoping for.  I especially love Carly’s final suggestion which is to live more!  Talented AND wise 🙂

Did you find these tips useful?  If so feel free to share with a friend!  Make sure you are following Carly (@the.blonde.chronicles) and Belle Sirene on Instagram for some major hair inspo, and thanks so much for reading!

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