Applying a fabulous foundation to your skin is a great way to smooth out your “canvas” before applying the rest of your makeup.  But what is the best way to apply foundation?  How do you figure out what shade you are?  Are all foundations created equal?


Keep reading to learn more about how to enhance your complexion using foundation the right way.

How to Use Foundation the Right Way

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1. Apply Foundation using a Brush or Beauty Blender

It might seem easier to apply foundation with your fingers, but often won’t give you the flawless look you are going for.  Once you get a great foundation brush or beauty blender, you will be hooked – trust me!

If using a brush, blend or stipple a small amount of product on to your face.  If unsure on how much to apply, start with a small amount and add more as needed (though with a good foundation, you won’t need to use much).

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If using a Beauty Blender (my personal fave!), get the blender wet, squeeze out the excess water, dab in product, and then “bounce” on your face for a flawless airbrush finish.

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Sigma Flat Kabuki Brush

2. Use a Liquid Foundation

Sometimes powder foundations can appear a bit chalky, or settle into fine lines.  A great liquid foundation will provide a more natural look while still offering fantastic coverage.  Click below to check out some gorgeous anti-aging shades that color adjust up to 3 shades to perfectly match your skin tone!

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You can however SET your foundation when you are finished applying with a translucent powder!

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3. Tips for Hiding Fine Lines

So we want to cover up those fine lines with foundation, not enhance them!  This can be achieved by applying less product to areas where you might have more wrinkles, such as around your eyes and mouth.  Less product means less settling into those lovely lines of ours.

Another tip is to use a primer before applying your foundation!  A good primer will fill in the lines a bit, giving you a smoother surface to apply your foundation to.

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4. Test Color on Jaw Line to find a Match

To color match, skip dabbing color on the top of your hand (this is rarely the same color as your face) and try swiping a bit on your jaw line.  This will give a much more accurate match!

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Thanks so much for reading about how you can enhance your complexion by using foundation the right way 🙂  If you liked this article, feel free to comment or share with a friend!

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