Let’s talk eyebrows…we’ve seen everything when it comes to them at this point, haven’t we?  From the overplucked trend of the 90’s, to the crazy Instagram trends of 2017 (anyone remember the Squiggle Brow?!), we can all breathe a sigh of relief that the current brow goal trend of 2018 is just a nice, youthful full brow.

So, what can YOU do to achieve this look?  It isn’t hard – you just need some solid advice!  

Thankfully, the brow experts at HighBrow Beauty located in San Diego, CA shared their TOP tips so that you too can get your eyebrows on fleek.  (If you are local and looking for the best brows of your life, you HAVE to visit them!  Check out their Instagram for some serious brow inspo)

Keep reading to be on your way to fabulous brows!

Five Steps to Fabulous Brows

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1. Pay attention to your brows!

HighBrow Beauty shares, “Eyebrows frame your face – ‘eyes are the window to your soul’ and one of the most expressive features.  Your eyebrows WILL make an impact.

Photo credit: HighBrow Beauty

2. Less is more

Drop the tweezers and let them grow – sometimes, doing less to your brows is better!  A lot of people have overdone their brows and are now growing them out for good reason.  Full brows are more youthful!

3. Seek professional advice

Do not YouTube and do them at home, especially if you’re trying to regrow for a fuller brow.  Find a great salon or spa where an expert can help you find a great shape to work towards.

Photo Credit: HighBrow Beauty

4. Fill them in

Even people with full brows still use makeup!  It enhances the definition and shape of your brows.

Photo credit: HighBrow Beauty

5. Grow them out

How to do that?  Hide your tweezers.  Out of sight, out of mind.  Highlighters/concealer underneath your brow bone can hide the hair that is growing out.

Bye tweezers!

There you have it!  5 steps to the fabulous brows you’ve been hoping for.

Did you find these tips useful?  If so feel free to share with a friend!  Make sure you are following HighBrow Beauty on Instagram and if you are here in San Diego, check them out.  I would never lead you astray and only recommend the best of the best!

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