I thought it would be helpful to create a list of ALL of the tools I use for my network marketing business – these websites and apps allow me to build my business through social media and the power of the internet.  I love sharing my knowledge with others and get asked all the time about how I run my business using online tools and social media, so I’m listing out everything that I use!

If you are in network marketing or direct sales, or even a small business owner on Etsy for example – you are going to LOVE these resources!

Social Media Tools for Online Business

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You’ll find resources for websites, creating and pre-scheduling content, design, organization, training resources (including where I learned attraction marketing, using Pinterest for Business and much much more),  along with my favorite books to read if you are building a business and supplies that I use specifically for my business.

Share this page with anyone you think might benefit, and let me know what you think!  I only recommend network marketing and social media tools that I ACTUALLY use and love and I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me. Check the tools out, learn them, use them, and build an awesome online business for yourself.  Enjoy!


Website (1)

WordPress | WordPress is fantastic – this is what I use for my website/blog and it is very easy to set up.  Tons of themes to choose from, even free versions, and endless customization options.

Bluchic WordPress Templates | So I just really love pretty things.  I used to have a free WordPress template, but when I found Bluchic’s gorgeous feminine designs, I purchased a template there.  They have several stunning, sleek options to check out.

Bluchic Landing Pages | I love my WordPress template from Bluchic so much, that I decided to purchase their landing page templates as well.  I still can’t believe how simple it was to create professional gorgeous landing pages thanks to their templates – you can see an example of my landing pages here and here.

Sumo | This is a pop-up plug-in for WordPress to help you direct your visitors to where you want them to go and is a fantastic online business tool.  You may have already seen mine in action.



CinchShare  | I would not being able to manage posting on social media without CinchShare, an amazing social media tool.  I schedule my posts ONCE A WEEK and let CinchShare do the rest so that I can go, enjoy life!  You can schedule posts to Instagram, Facebook (page/group/event), save text you use over and over (hashtags for example), and more.  Click on the link I left you to get a free 7 day trial, and then type in code CSfree to get another 30 days free!!

Tailwind | Tailwind has totally rocked my Pinterest world.  If you are using Pinterest for Business (which you should be because it is awesome and a great social media tool!), Tailwind helps you schedule out pins and the ideal times for your users.  They also have an Instagram feature as well!  You need.

FTR system (for email marketing) | The FTR system has streamlined my business and I spend less time achieving more as a result.  The e-mail function is amazing – you can create automated e-mail campaigns, one-touch emails that you plan to use again and again (you can add images, videos, links, etc.), even quickly set up a simple marketing website with lead capture pages.  I use this daily and communicate with customers, customer prospects, teammates, and potential business partners.

MailChimp | I use MailChimp to send out monthly newsletters; the templates are the easiest ones I’ve ever seen, and it is very easy to embed your sign-up link on your website, Facebook page, etc.

Campsite | You know how Instagram only lets you put one link in your profile?  Campsite is a social media tool that solves this problem – set up a free Campsite account and put THAT link in your Instagram profile – it will then let your followers redirect to whatever other links you add.  You can also add cute little pictures and well, I like cute stuff.



Canva | Truly the only program you need to create gorgeous graphics easily.  I prefer the desktop version though there is an app as well.  Every image I create is done through Canva including logos, quotes, training documents, blog images (such as all of the ones included here) and more.  Obsessed.

Animoto | I only recently starting using Animoto and love it because it is (and I’m sure you can guess why I love it)……easy to use.  I don’t want to mess around with complicated video editors and Animoto is a social media tool that lets you throw some pics, text, and even video clips together to make professional looking marketing videos.  Here is an example!

Creative Market | Amazing online market for all things creative – graphic, fonts, photos, templates, and more.

Haute Stock | You know how you see these gorgeous styled photos all over the place and you think to yourself, wow that would be so nice to be able to take pics like that but I don’t have the time?  This is where Haute Stock comes in – thousands of professionally styled photos that you can use for your own brand.

Zazzle | I love this easy website to create things like thank you cards and marketing labels.

Plume Creative | Awesome graphic designer for digital images (such as branding) and paper goods such as business cards.



Google Drive | It doesn’t get any more fabulous than Google Drive for organization.  You can store photos for your business, product fliers, training documents for your team, create spreadsheets for your business, etc.  My favorite feature is to create a Google Document and turn on link-sharing, and then send that link directly to others when appropriate. SO easy to use on desktop or mobile.

Trello | This is a web based project management system that is super easy to use on desktop or mobile.  You can keep track of big picture projects along with all the small details and can create checklists, due dates, upload attachments, and more.

Passion Planner | This is the one tool I use that is not online – but for me, nothing beats a good old-fashioned planner and the satisfaction of physically crossing things off a to-do list 😉  This is so much more than a planner though – includes inspirational weekly quotes, monthly reflection pages, weekly layout, monthly layout, blank space to jot ideas, lists for work/personal and more.

FTR system (for contact management) | Incredible website with many functions, including ability to organize contacts by category (prospects, customers, etc.), create follow up tasks and notifications, and market to your network; a must-have for follow up!

Square | Accept credit card payments in person or online, send invoices from phone or desktop.  Use the above link and get $1000 free processing in your first 180 days.

Stamps.com  | Create shipping labels from home.  You can pay for and print labels, save addresses, and track every package you send online without making a trip to the post office (unless you want to) – just drop your package off in a blue mailbox.



Sassy Suite | There is no need to figure everything out yourself when it comes to social media and online marketing, especially when there are experts like Brenda Ster with Sassy Suite out there who can share their knowledge with you!  The Pinterest course had a huge impact on my biz, taking my pins from 5,000 monthly views to over 100,000.  Other faves include Attraction Marketing, Understanding Funnel Strategy for Direct Sellers, Team Leadership, and Suite Success with Instagram.



The Four Year Career | Fantastic explanation of what network marketing really is and the magic and power behind residual income.

Get Over Your Damn Self | Romi is a genius!  She was a successful lawyer and PR exec and traded that in to build an even more successful business on her own.  Her no BS book is a game-changer for your direct sales/network marketing business – her tips INSTANTLY helped mine!

The Miracle Morning, or the Miracle Morning for Network Marketers | The first one is a MUST read for truly anyone looking to take more control over their life, mind, health, and goals, whether you are a business owner or not.  The version specifically for network marketers is great if you are in the industry as it includes specific examples from successful people in direct sales.

How to Win Friends and Influence People | Another famous great read regardless of what business you are in.  My favorite part of this book is that it focuses on serving others instead of just thinking about yourself.

Supplies (Bonus section for LipSense Distributors!)


These are some of the supplies I use for my LipSense business!  If you aren’t a distributor or thinking of becoming a distributor, just scroll on by this section to the bottom of the page 🙂

Inventory holder

Disposable applicators

Organza bags

4×8 Bubble Mailers and 6×10 Bubble Mailers

Tester stickers

I hope you enjoyed these social media tool and resource recommendations!  Make sure to come back and let me know how any of these help YOUR business too 🙂

Want to learn more about exactly what it is I do to see if it could be the right fit for you as well?  Click here to learn more, or contact me below anytime!

**Many of the above links are affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission should you use them.  As I mentioned before, I ONLY share products that I personally use and love :)**


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