Hi there!  If you don’t know me yet, my name is Nicole and I loooooove all things beauty.  My dream as a little girl was to be…..a grown up girl lol.  No really – I couldn’t wait for the day that I could wear makeup and a bra and carry around a purse.


So basically I achieved all my goals when I was a teenager! #winning

I’ve tried every brand of makeup out there, I am well versed in skincare, and it should be no surprise that my hobbies (when not hanging with my hubs and 2 little boys) include getting my hair/nail/lashes done, monthly facials, trying out the latest makeup and skincare trends, attempting to dress like a cool mom, and running a business where I help other women feel extra beautiful too.

In celebration of my birthday I’m sharing my absolute FAVORITE things with you – most are affordable, some are boujee AF (please don’t leave me!) but I guarantee you will find one new product that will put a smile on your face and make you feel like you are celebrating YOUR birthday too!  Keep reading to learn more about some of my loves 🙂

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Ily Couture

I have pretty much every tee for every holiday from this adorable brand.  Their shirts are sooooo comfy and cute and I have no shame in wearing this cute birthday girl top all month long.

Ily Couture – Birthday Girl Tee

Ily Couture Birthday Girl Tee

Declan + Crew

The love for graphic tees continues with Declan + Crew apparel.  I love this mompreneur and her entire brand, inspired by her 2 boys  – her designs are perfection and I can’t. stop. buying. everything.   I especially love this one, and this one, and this one!

These Nordstrom leggings

I love these Alo leggings because they are way comfy, high-quality, and look cute if you are actually going to workout class, or not.  I love moto details!

Alo High Waist Moto Leggings

Alo High Waist Moto Leggings

Express Jeans

Okay these might technically be jeggings BUT they look like jeans so these are my faves for when I want to look like I’m not really wearing leggings.  All of the high waisted jeans from Express are pretty awesome actually!

Express Black High Waisted Distressed Knee Stretch Jean Leggings

Express High Waisted Distressed Knee Stretch Jean Leggings

Adidas Sneakers

Pretty sure I bought these shoes because of this adorable blogger’s picture.  They were a great recommendation though because I basically live in them!

Adidas Superstar Foundation Sneaker


LipSense (duh)

I found this magic lipstick almost 2 years ago and haven’t touched another brand since.  Lipstick that literally does not smudge off?  Game changer!  You can read more about my fave lipstick here.  My absolute personal favorite colors are Bombshell, Bella, and Goddess but it is pretty hard NOT to find a fave with over 50 colors available and ENDLESS layering possibilities!

Lash Extend/Lip Volumizer/Nail Extend

I looooooooove me some long lashes, strong nails, and pouty lips!  I’ve tried other products that say they work but don’t, so now I stick to the 3 I’ve found that actually do what they say they will 🙂



I love SeneSerum-C because it noticeably brightens my skin.  It has pure stabilized Vitamin C and protects against environmental pollutants – whenever I apply this overnight I wake up and am like, dang – I’m looking fresh.

seneserum c
SeneGence SeneSerum-C

Drunk Elephant Treatments

My skin doesn’t have the greatest texture so I’m always on the hunt for products specifically formulated to resurface and to improve texture and tone.  I loooooove Drunk Elephant’s TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum as an every night treatment, and then once a week I will use their TLC Sukari Babyfacial for extra smooth, clear, glowing skin.

TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum | TLC Sukari Babyfacial

La Mer The Perfecting Treatment

Okay I will admit….this one is flat out ridiculous and over-priced, and the reason I even bought it is because Kim Kardashian uses it which is also ridiculous.  But, I can’t help that I love her AND that she has bomb skin and she is right – La Mer’s Perfecting Treatment is fab-u-lous.  I put it on in the morning and I swear, it instantly makes your skin look prettier.  If you go to Nordstrom and ask for a sample they will give you a decent size!

La Mer – The Perfecting Treatment

Beauty Blender

Literally use this every time I put makeup on and it is my fave!!!!!  I get the sponge wet, squeeze out the excess water so it is damp, and then bounce on my face (sounds weird I know, but trust me) and it perfectly blends everything for a flawless finish.

Beauty Blender


Pottery Barn

I spent many years window shopping at pretty home decor stores but never actually getting anything – it was such an extra cost that I just didn’t have the funds for but I told myself one day when I could, I would get some of the pretty items I loved.  So my kids and I visit Pottery Barn every week now and then I wait until they have a sale and stock up – I’m obsessed with their pillows, throws, candles, and seasonal decor items!


Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee is my absolute favorite indulgence and I get one just about every day – even my kids know that mommy gets her special coffee lol.  Most of the time I try to keep it together and stick with an Iced Americano with a pump of flavor, around the holidays I’ll sneak in a Pumpkin Spice Latte or Peppermint Mocha, but the BEST TREATS ever that I love to splurge on are: The Best Drink Ever from Better Buzz, and a Spicy Maya Mocha from Bottega Italiana.  They seriously make my heart happy.


What would life be like without Target? I don’t want to know.  Target gives me a chance to buy all of the things I don’t need while somehow forgetting to pick up the one thing actually on my list.  But those 20 magnetic notepads I now have, snacks for the kids, holiday gifts and decor….Target is just magical.


There you have it!!!  14 of my favorite things (well, that you can buy).  I hope you found something that you love too and that you treat yourself, and every day, with the special celebration it deserves 🙂

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