According to Urban Dictionary, Casual Glam is defined as the “art of mixing casual clothing and glamorous elements effortlessly. Plain, Every day basics including cardigans, tees, jeans, sweatshirts, etc. are combined with statement handbags, excessive jewelry, embellishments, and eye catching footwear to create a very lux yet relaxed look.”
I KNEW there must be a definition for how I like to dress!
I’m a mom to 2 little boys so I basically spend 10 hours a day sprinting after them, plus I’ve always favored comfort.  However, I’m super girly and love to look glamorous – every year at my husband’s holiday party I look like I’m going to prom.  “Casual Glam” gives me a way to dress realistically for my lifestyle while still feeling like the hot babe I know I am 😉
If Casual Glam sounds like your style, keep reading to learn about my secret weapon for easily adding some glam to your casual everyday look!   And to shop my looks directly anytime, click below 🙂
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Leopard Love

My love for leopard print is long-running – from leopard sheets in high school, to leopard sweaters at my previous job at a wealth management firm, in my opinion leopard print is timeless!  It is also an easy way to infuse some life into an otherwise plain outfit.
My wardrobe is a lot of neutral colors, because it is easy to mix and match – blacks, grays, whites, blush, denim.  Adding a pair of leopard shoes, or even some leopard print sunglasses adds that glam that makes me feel a bit more like me!
Here are my 3 favorite pieces lately:
Kate Spade New York Katelee Square Leopard Arm Sunglasses  | I have an oddly small face and most sunglasses look crazy on me, but these beauties fit perfectly AND I am obsessed with the leopard accent.
Sam Edelman Women’s Case Leopard Print High Heel Booties | I saw a blogger on Instagram sporting these in the winter and since most of my shopping stems from some good old Instagram inspiration, I snagged a pair for myself and have been SO HAPPY!  I love to wear these with jeans, black pants, or even black leggings.  So when my husband asks if I am wearing leggings on date night I can be like, but look at my sassy shoes!
Sam Edelman Felicia Leopard Print Flats | These flats are so cute and comfortable and have made an appearance at several family holiday functions when I want to look dressy, but also need to chase my kids up and down stairs.
Shop my faves by clicking below!

Do you have a favorite leopard piece to glamify your wardrobe?  Comment below, I’d love to hear!

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed!  Connect with me on Instagram for more beauty, style, and home inspiration 🙂

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XOXO, Nicole



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