So I’m in the middle of redecorating our  master bedroom and instead of rushing through it, I’ve been taking my time to make it our DREAM bedroom.  I wanted it to feel like a hotel room because how cool is it to feel like you are on vacation, when you are at your own house?!

I’m going to share in a separate post every single detail (furniture, decor, pillows, etc.) but this bedding I found is so freaking awesome, I need to tell you about it RIGHT NOW lol.  I found it literally by googling “best white bedding” because I love a clean, crisp white bed and OMG.

Parachute Home is everything you could ever want in bedding.  


Keep reading to learn more about this cool brand and shop, and to shop my other fashion, beauty, and home decor looks click here!

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About Parachute Home

First, Parachute Home is super cool because you have 60 days to try out your bedding to make sure you love it, plus they offer FREE shipping and returns.  I love when it is easy to return something you don’t love because really, if you are spending $$$, you should be in love with it!

The founder started the company after staying at a hotel in Italy with truly decadent sheets and they totally nailed it.  I’m telling you, this bedding is the most comfortable bedding I’ve ever slept on.

Parachute Home is also socially responsible, donating returned items to Habitat for Humanity as well as partnering with the United Nations Foundation’s Nothing but Nets campaign, which sends malaria-preventing bed nets to those who need one.

Parachute Home Bedding

What I Went With

I decided on the Percale Sheet Set in White.  It is lightweight, breathable, and cool to the touch – this set came with a fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases.  A top sheet isn’t standard in their sets which I love because I don’t use a top sheet – California girl here and since this company is based in Venice Beach, CA they are totally on the same page!  There are several neutral colors to choose from to fit any room decor.

Parachute Home Percale Sheet Set
Parachute Home Percale Sheet Set

I also got the lightweight Down Duvet, and the Percale Duvet Cover.  It is seriously so comfy even my husband mentioned this is the comfiest bed he has ever had!

Parachute Home Down Duvet and Cover


I completed the look with the Linen Bed Skirt and am just obsessed with everything.


 I hope you enjoyed learning more about this awesome brand – if you snag some Parachute Home goodies for your home, I’d love to see some pictures and hear what you think! Want to get inspired daily?  Let’s connect on Instagram!

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Contact me anytime below, and thanks so much for reading!

XOXO, Nicole


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