I love to do a little spring cleaning each year and my closet was definitely due.  It didn’t take me too long and now I walk by my closet and feel happy just looking at it 🙂  In this post I’m sharing some quick and simple tips for how to make your closet your personal haven too, I hope you enjoy!

Simple Closet Organization Ideas

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Go Through Each Item and Ask, “Does This Bring Me Joy?”

This is based on the popular KonMari Method.  My best friend Susannah shared this incredible tip with me and it totally changed the way I went through my clothes to figure out what would stay and what would go.  Part of the KonMari philosophy is that, “Belongings are acknowledged for their service and thanked before being let go of, if they no longer spark joy.”

Mind blown.  I used to look at items in my closet that I hadn’t worn in years but think, “well maybe I’ll wear it one day” or “I only wore this once so I need to keep it.”  When my friend told me to instead look at each item and ask myself, “Does this bring me joy?” it made going through my clothes and shoes soooooo much easier.  Even if I had only worn a shirt once, or thought maybe I would wear it again, just by asking myself if seeing the dang shirt in my closet brought me joy or not made the decisions so simple.

Some parting “thank you’s”, 3 filled trash bags, and a trip to Goodwill later and my closet was becoming streamlined but more importantly, a happy place.  It is SUCH a great feeling to look at every piece of clothing in your closet and feel actual JOY, instead of looking at a bunch of stuff you hate and saying, “I have nothing to wear.”

Make sure to do this step first – it is a lot easier to organize your closet when you have less stuff so, time to purge!

Just keep your faves!

Arrange your Clothes in a Way That Makes Sense to You

Maybe you like things color-coded.  Maybe you prefer to organize by season.  Whatever you choose, come up with something that makes sense to YOU since you are the one who is going to be hanging up and putting away your clothes every time you do laundry.

I decided to organize by clothing type.  Here is a breakdown of how I separated everything out to be hung up:

  • jeans and pants
  • colored tops
  • tees with words on them (I have so many so yes, this needed to be a category lol)
  • neutral tops (short sleeve)
  • neutral tops (sleeveless)
  • neutral tops (long sleeve)
  • jackets and hoodies
  • sweatshirts and sweaters
  • dresses and skirts

And then I have workout clothes and leggings folded, and underwear/bras/socks/bathings suits and pajamas in a small dresser.  Whatever you decide, make it easy for yourself!

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Organize sections of your closet in a way that makes sense to YOU

Add Simple Organization Touches to Streamline Your Closet

One thing that was making my closet feel a little cluttered was that I had all kinds of random hangers from over the years – different styles, colors, etc.  My husband thinks I am nuts for even noticing this but it was just bugging me so I finally found the best hangers ever!  I donated my old hangers and re-hung everything up on these new slimline hangers and am in love.

I also found a pretty jewelry box and jewelry trays to keep my favorite pieces organized, and a simple marble tray to display my perfume and wedding rings on.  I love that everything has a place now and that it is pretty to look at because pretty things make me smile!

Look at the items in your closet and find a dedicated space for everything – Bed Bath and Beyond and Target are my favorite places for affordable organization and storage solutions!  You can click the pictures below to shop the items I got 🙂

(Love the matching hangers and how cute is this jewelry box?!)

Finish Off with Some Pretty Things and Admire Your Gorgeous New Closet!

Hang a picture you love, display a quote or flowers, line up your favorite shoes – do whatever your heart desires that is going to make your closet more visually appealing to you.  I found this to be a fun idea for two reasons: one, because it added to the happiness factor for me whenever I walk in to my closet and two, you are more likely to keep a space clean and organized if it looks pretty to begin with (I have no actual proof of this but I’m confident it is mostly true 😉 ).

The final touches I am 100% going to add to my closet at some point are a little chandelier, sparkly hardware for the dresser, and pink glittery paint for the walls.  I am the only girl in my house and I really just need ONE space in the house to be overly feminine 😉

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I hope you enjoyed these simple closet organization tips!  To see more inspiration pics for beauty, fashion, and home let’s connect on social media!  If any of my tips helped you, please tag me in your pretty closet pic so that I can see what you did and feel free to share this post with any friends you think might be interested 🙂

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XOXO, Nicole


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