If I am going on a trip that is 4 days or less, I reallllllly try to just bring a carry-on.  I don’t have to worry about my bag possibly getting lost, I don’t have to wait at baggage claim, and I just find it easier (I should also note, I am referring to trips without my kids – when we travel as a family I bring everything and the kitchen sink 😉 )

But, I used to have a difficult time fitting my travel essentials like toiletries and makeup in my carry-on!  I looooove to get dolled up while on vacay and that means I like to have all of my makeup options with me 🙂

Well, I recently found the BEST toiletry bag and travel makeup case I’ve ever used and I’m going to tell you all about it!  It has been such a travel game-changer!  If you are like me and like to bring all the things with you, keep reading to learn how to fit all your travel essentials faves into your tiny carry-on, plus get a recommendation for a carry-on that fits that brand new Alaska airlines size requirements 🙂

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Carry-on Tip #1: Get an Awesome Toiletry Bag

I never had a toiletry bag I really loved – I would just grab whatever I saw in Target while I was snagging some mini shampoos and while those bags did their job, I decided to do some research to find a more innovative bag.

This toiletry bag is under $40, is available in several colors, and LAYS FLAT.  It is crazy how much you can fit in this bag while still barely taking up any space in your carry-on.  There are 4 different compartments, a hanging hook, and a mirror.

Don’t forget to put your fave liquid products in small clear bottles (like from Target) to save room, and throw those in a quart sized clear bag.  Keep in your carry-on, take out during your security check, and then put back in.

Shop Toiletry Bag Here

Pack this baby with whatever travel essentials you want – it is much roomier than it even looks and again the laying flat part is what makes such a space-saving difference!

Carry-on Tip #2: Get a Fabulous Travel Make-up Case

I used to bring my makeup with me when traveling in a regular cute zippered pouch.  But, I would stuff it full because I love my makeup and then it would spill out everywhere once I unpacked and tried to get ready.  And, even when stuffed full I usually couldn’t fit everything I want (what can I say, I like to be extra).

So while doing some research for the best travel makeup case online, I couldn’t believe it when I found a mini version of the giant case I use to keep my LipSense inventory for my business.  I loooooove this case (it has tons of dividers, a space for makeup brushes, it zips up, etc.).  The adorable mini version has the exact same layout, just smaller and perfect for travel!  It is so easy to organize my makeup, I don’t have to leave anything at home, and nothing spills out.  Obsessed!


Shop Travel Make-Up Case Here

Don’t be shy – fill this travel make-up case with all of your cosmetics and enjoy your vacay!

Carry-on Tip #3: Get an Adorable Carry-on!

For our wedding, one of the gifts we received as an awesome luggage set.  My carry-on is green and I’ve loved it over the years because I can always easily spot it (whether in the overhead bins or if we do go ahead and check it).  My husband recently traveled on Alaska airlines though and as of June 2018, they changed the size requirements for carry-ons and made it SMALLER!

No worries – some online research later (my fave) and I found one that meets most airline carry-on requirements, including Alaska.  It comes in several different colors so I would consider snagging one besides plain black!  I obviously have my eye on the pink one to carry my travel essentials 🙂


Shop Carry-On Luggage Here


Thanks so much for reading!  I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about what has been working for me and travel lately.  If you’ve used any of these products to travel with, or have other recommendations, I’d love to hear from you!  Want to get daily beauty, home, and fashion inspiration from me?  Let’s connect on social media!

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XOXO, Nicole




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