Strollers are really such a personal preference, so I don’t think there is necessarily a “best” stroller or brand.  Sort of like a car, you need to test drive it and find the features that work for YOU.

That being said, I am obsessed with Baby Jogger’s entire brand (most of them actually aren’t jogging strollers at all so don’t get confused) and am going to share the strollers I’ve personally used from the birth of my first son, through #2under2, up until now!  I get stopped nearly every day by someone asking me to tell them about our double stroller and it might be my favorite piece of baby equipment I’ve ever owned 🙂

Save the below pic to your Pinterest board to refer back to, and keep reading to learn which strollers I recommend for exercise, more than 1 kid, travel, and more!

Fave Strollers for Any Occasion

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The City Select

The City Select is just magical.  It is a convertible stroller, which means you can change the seating arrangements to suit the needs of your family.  My friend and mom of 5 recommended this stroller to me and she was absolutely right – I’ve been able to snap a carseat in and use this with a week old newborn, I’ve been able to add a 2nd seat for a toddler, change the way the seats face, and of course use just as a single stroller!

This is not a jogging stroller, so scroll down if you are looking for something more all-terrain, but this stroller is way sturdy and can handle pavement, long walks, popping up on curbs, the zoo, etc.

Some perks:

  • easy to fold
  • easy to manuever
  • 16 seating configurations
  • could be the only stroller you ever need


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City Select – Single Stroller

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The City Select with 2nd Seat

So you’ve been using the City Select with baby #1 and along comes baby #2 – well, you don’t even need to get a double stroller because you can just convert this one!  I really wanted a stroller that I could easily set up and fold down by myself as I’m usually alone with the kiddos, and one that was narrow enough to fit down the aisles at Sephora (not even kidding – I’ve sacrificed plenty as a mom for my kids and enjoying the joy of Sephora was not going to be one of them).

To add a 2nd seat, you purchase the 2nd seat kit that comes with the seat and the little mounting brackets.  I personally just keep both seats and brackets in my car along with the strollers, and then I configure it however I need.

Some perks:

  • love the different seating configurations
  • easy to set up
  • the seats are interchangeable, so it doesn’t matter which one goes where
  • fits through the aisles at your favorite store!
City Select – with 2nd seat

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The City Select with Glider Board

Still chatting about the City Select because like I said, it is uh-mazing and the Glider Board is the cutest option ever!  You can use the Glider Board attachment to turn this into a triple stroller, OR as a fun option instead of a 2nd seat once your older one is ready for a bit more freedom.

The Glider Board folds up so compactly that I actually just leave it folded up at attached to the stroller at all times – one less thing to think about!  If my son is walking but gets tired, or wants to eat a snack or something he just pulls down the Glider Board and hops on!

Having a 3rd?  You can set up this bad boy to include the carseat for your newborn, 2nd seat for your middle child, and glider board for your oldest!

Some perks:

  • fun option for when 2nd seat isn’t of total use anymore but you still want to use the stroller
  • super compact and easy to keep attached to stroller
BJ50015 Gliderboard MMS
Baby Jogger Glider Board

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The Summit X3

Moving on from the City Select to the first stroller I actually had – the Summit X3!  This is a jogging stroller for you runners out there but yeah no, I don’t run or jog.  I ran one time with the stroller because a bee was chasing me and my son didn’t even know what was happening because he’d never seen me move so fast before.

You can use this stroller from birth with the car seat attachment, and then once your babe outgrows the carseat he or she just sits in the seat that is already there.  It is super easy to fold and while I didn’t use it for jogging purposes, my husband did and that was awesome.  Plus, we took this stroller on hikes and to the beach a lot and we could literally push it through the sand.

They do make this stroller in a side by side double so if you want a side by side double stroller that you can run with, while I can’t exactly relate to you, you might want to check that option out too 😉

Some perks:

  • air filled rubber tires
  • awesome wheel lock and brake
  • still easy to set up by yourself 🙂
Baby Jogger Summit X3

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The City Tour

This is the cutest little travel stroller ever!!!  I love it so much.  You can recline it way back, the sun shade is huge, and it folds down to meet carry-on requirements!  I love this for travel because it is so lightweight and instead of taking up a bunch of room in a hotel room or restaurant or wherever, you just fold it up super tiny (it even comes with a carrying bag).   We have been bringing this with us on trips now that our oldest is 4 and our youngest is 2.5 – he doesn’t *need* a stroller but it sure is nice to have him safe and contained at airports or for a walk that is too long for him.

Other huge bonus, especially if you have 2 kids close together like I do – it is very light (14 pounds) and easy to carry if you are pregnant.  I was pregnant with my 2nd when my 1st was 11 months old – he didn’t walk until 15 months, so I was doing a lot of lifting that I wasn’t supposed to but had to (getting him in and out of his crib, in and out of the car, etc.) I just couldn’t lift a bigger stroller anymore so having him use this light travel stroller for a few months was a perfect solution!

Some perks:

  • crazy light
  • can use from birth
  • folds super compactly and is amazing for travel
  • space saving if you are tight on room
Baby Jogger City Tour

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There you have it!  My favorite strollers out there.  I have used a stroller almost every day for the last 4 years and couldn’t be happier with my choices – if there is a brand or stroller you love, please share it in the comments since I know as a mom how nice it is to read different opinions 🙂

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