I hang out in my laundry room just about every day – it is a super small room, I’m pretty much the only one who goes in it, and I decided to re-design it EXACTLY how I wanted – if I’m going to be spending time in there, I might as well be able to look at a beautiful room while I’m at it!

I got inspiration from Pinterest of course and Lauren McBride’s blog and am SO in love with how it turned out – keep reading to see how I transformed my laundry room in the Modern Farmhouse laundry room of my dreams and learn how you can too!

Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room Design

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Take Out Cabinets and Add Open Shelves

This was what I wanted to do the most and it made such a difference – removing the cabinets and adding open shelving totally opened up the room!  I had these huge cabinets, but the only items I stored in them were laundry pods and dryer sheets.  Out they came, and a custom shelf was put in! (If you are local to San Diego, I highly recommend HRT Construction – they are FANTASTIC and execute all of our projects to perfection!)

Here were the original cabinets….


And here are the new shelves!


Paint walls and make them POP

I originally had this room painted in Benjamin Moore’s Organdy, which is a light purple.  I am the only girl in the house so it was my way of sneaking in a feminine shade, but it turns out – I just love neutrals!  Benjamin Moore’s White Dove was the PERFECT choice – it is a creamy off-white and totally has that farmhouse appeal.

The trim and ceiling were updated with Decorator’s White so that they really popped and I can’t believe what an awesome effect just painting the room had!

Here is a picture of “before” with Organdy….


And after with White Dove – what a difference!


Add Super Cute Modern Farmhouse Decor

I wanted the room to feel comfortable, functional, and beautiful and loved the idea of including pops of black/chalkboard and hints of copper.  This was by far the most fun part!  I’ve linked every product I used to make it easy for you if you see something you like  – I had a custom laundry sign made, found glass jars for storage, bought cute wire and rose gold baskets, printed a cool copper print for the wall, snagged a mini wall-mount unit to hang dry clothes, and added some fun little decorative items to personalize the space.

Shop Storage Baskets  | Shop Glass Jars | Shop Copper Print | Shop Laundry Sign | Shop Drying Rack | Shop Laundry Pods |Shop Dryer Balls |Shop Candle | Shop Marquee Letter



Keep the Space Clean and Fresh with Non-Toxic Products


So with the open shelving, suddenly my giant container of Tide Pods just didn’t vibe lol.  I also felt that I was putting energy into making this room exactly how I wanted it, so that I should put some energy into finding non-toxic alternatives to the laundry detergent and cleaning supplies I was using.

Found my new favorite CLEAN laundry pods and paired them with wool dryer balls and essential oil.  Not only do these look great in the glass jars I got, but I feel awesome knowing that I’m helping my family live cleaner. (Shop below to save $10 on your first order of my fave laundry pods!)

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Bonus: Add Dream Organization System to Empty Wall


I have dreamed about this wall calendar and organization system for like 15 years, but have never had the space for it and it is kind of a splurge.  The empty wall in my laundry room seemed like the PERFECT spot for it – I love having a spot for our family calendar, bulletin boards, storage for stamps/envelopes, and just those miscellaneous things that keep us organized!

Shop Wall Organization System

I hope you enjoyed learning about how I turned my laundry room into my modern farmhouse haven!  If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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XOXO, Nicole


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