In this Motherhood series, I am sharing the monthly schedules that I used for my youngest son when he was a baby 🙂  My boys are 20 months apart and I was in the #2under2 club – following a general schedule (with flexibility as needed) helped me and my family so much.  Since I loved seeing other mama’s schedules when my babies were little, I am sharing mine here on my blog with you.  Enjoy!

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Baby Schedules: Month 11

Part 1 (18)

11 months, almost a year old, and becoming a big boy!  This month there was more food, sippy cups instead of bottles, and the beginning of the transition of dropping Nap 1.

Now, these schedules are for my second son – one of the most important sleep schedule things for me with my second baby was making sure that the mid-day nap always lined up with my oldest son’s mid-day nap.  I always tried to make sure that this fell within about half an hour of each other so that I could have some time for myself as well (I am a better mom when I have a second to recharge so this was the best choice for my family).

He also was moving to the Toddler room at his school when he turned a year old and in that room, all of the kids do follow the same schedule which is one mid-day nap, no morning nap.  This was different from my first son – he turned one right before summer break so he didn’t go back to school until he was closer to 15 months old, and that is when he dropped his first nap.  My point is there is SUCH a range for when you drop the first nap, between around 12 months and 18 months, and my first son got to choose when and I chose when for my littlest guy.  Both worked out great so do what works best for you 🙂

Here is our 11 month schedule!

Time Activity
6:30am Wake, new diaper and clothes, 6-8 ounce sippy, breakfast, playtime
9:30am (sometimes) Nap 1 (started dropping this nap)
10:30am 6-8 ounce sippy, new diaper, lunch
1:00pm Nap 2
2:30pm 6-8 ounce sippy, new diaper, playtime
5:00pm Sippy, Dinner (fruit or veggie, baby food, or finger food)
6:00 to 6:30pm Bedtime routine: bath, night diaper, pajamas and pacifier, snuggle and story, sound machine on, lights off, kisses and crib

Thanks so much for reading about my babe’s Month 11 schedule.  If you have any questions or comments, contact me below and I’d love to chat!  Want to see pretty pics and motivation quotes to brighten up your Instagram feed?  Let’s connect on social media below!

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