I love our playroom – this is where my family spends most of our time.  Our formal living room is where our TV is and where my husband and I hang out at night, and the playroom is where an informal living room would typically go, right off the kitchen.  I like that I can cook, get snacks ready, etc. all in the same space that my kids can play and explore.

My boys are 3 and 4 years old now and I update this room every 6 months to a year, depending on their ages and interests.  Right now they love to run, jump, build things, play make believe, and explore so I wanted our playroom to feel super open while still having a dedicated space for all of their toys 🙂

Here is our latest re-design that complements our home decor while still being a fun, kid-friendly space 🙂  I linked everything I included in our room, hope you enjoy!

Preschool Playroom Re-Design!

Part 1

The first thing I like to do before buying stuff is to create a mood board!  I use Canva and add the products that I like – I’ll add a couple of chair options, rug options, etc. and then I can better see how everything looks all together.  It totally helps me figure out what will look nice in the room without impulse shopping and getting something that doesn’t work.  Here’s the graphic I made for the playroom!

love lighting something like these_.jpg

Neutral Color Scheme

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Our downstairs is an open floor plan so I wanted the color scheme to be neutral and fit in well with the rest of the house, while still being fun for the kids.  Plus, I love using neutrals because it is more timeless and long-lasting!  They helped pick out their chairs, desks, and bean bag chairs and I love the combination of different textures – leather, fur, fabric, metal.  It creates some visual interest even though the colors are fairly plain.

Here is our playroom that is white with pops of leather, black, and buffalo plaid 🙂


This new rug is my favorite!  It is WASHABLE as in, you can actually put the top piece (it is a 2 part system) in the WASHER!!!!  So functional for a playroom where I want my kids to be able to have fun and, be kids!

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Cool Art, Seasonal Decor, and Book Organization

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My favorite way to organize books is by color!  I initially did this and thought it would last a day but it has been months now and I actually find it EASIER to stay organized this way!  My kids know their colors so even they know where to put their books back and they’ve started to memorize the colors of their favorite books so they can easily find them too.

And while we are having some rainbow-colored fun, why not organize some of the big trucks by color on top?!


“Work” Stations for Art

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I am obsessed with these cute little work stations! I wanted a space where my boys could eventually do their homework and for now, they are loving making art projects here 🙂


These chairs! They are super soft and comfortable and were a great deal for 2!

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Functional and Fun Seating Areas

I wasn’t initially going to get these bean bag chairs – they are a little pricey and I try to keep the playroom especially budget friendly BUT they went on sale for 50% off and you bet I snagged them! They come in different sizes with tons of different cover options 🙂

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This DIY window seat has been such a helpful addition to the room!  We used to have a loveseat that the kids thought was ONLY for jumping off, not sitting on lol, and then a toy storage rack next to it.  With this window seat, we now have a seating area that is much safer should the kids be in a jumping mood, plus there is tons of room for toy storage underneath.  This was a big space saver to make the room more open and I think it looks so cute!

(The cute red heart pillow is for Valentine’s Day – I switch this one out depending on the holiday 😉 )


I hope you enjoyed checking out how I updated our playroom for my growing boys 🙂  If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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XOXO, Nicole



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