About a year ago I updated both of my little boys’ bedrooms when they got their “big boy” beds 🙂  My oldest son loves the Avengers, and my little guy loves surfing and the beach so Pirates seemed fun and those were the themes we went with!  They looooove their rooms and I’m so happy with how they turned out.

Here is a look at their little big kid rooms!

Boys’ Bedrooms Refresh!

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Avengers Bedroom

Wall Decals | Wall Art | Skateboard Shelf (Similar) | Chair | Shelves | Car Bed

First step to a big boy Avengers bedroom was to add some cool vinyl decals to the wall – these add personality to the room and my son loves to look at them, and I love that they are removable should he want something new.


I ordered some Avengers prints from Etsy, framed them, and hung them around the room 🙂  My son picked them out himself – I love involving my kids in this kind of stuff, since it is their rooms after all!

I also found this cool little skateboard shelf that we added – he loves to skate and it is just fun 🙂


Next up was a child-sized reading nook!  My boys love to read so a comfy chair and shelves they can reach themselves were a must 🙂


And the car bed is pretty rad 🙂  This was my husband’s idea and it is fun times!


Pirate Bedroom

Chair | Shelves | Pirate Ship Bed | Surfboard Wall Decal | Surfboard Shelf | Wall Art

We set up a similar reading nook in my younger son’s Pirate themed bedroom – we sit here every night to read stories together!


He was super bummed when his older brother got a big boy bed and he was still in a crib, so he leapt out of there as quick as he could and snagged himself a Pirate ship todder bed lol.


This wall decal has been there since he was a newborn and seemed fitting still since he loves surfing!


And how cute is the surfboard shelf?!


Finished the room off with some updated Pirate wall art!


I hope you enjoyed checking out how I updated the bedrooms for my growing boys 🙂  If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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XOXO, Nicole



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