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Though my mom passed away before I became a mom myself, her incredible existence taught me what I believe to be one of the most important lessons in motherhood.  I am re-sharing what I shared with my close friends on Facebook on the 8th anniversary of her death in hopes that this might encourage you the way it has encouraged me. – Nicole

My mom wasn’t really into “kid” stuff – we didn’t go to the playground, we didn’t eat kid food (I still want to know what a Squeez-It tastes like), she didn’t get down on the floor and play with us. We did eat lobster, we did go to Fred Segal to watch my mom shop, and we did make a daily stop to the liquor store for some lottery tickets, cigarettes, and booze.

She was the best mom ever.

My mom wasn’t great at braiding hair (I bought a book and taught myself how to french-braid instead lol), she strongly disliked police officers, had some choice words about what she thought about people who shopped at Target, and hated crafts.
She was the best mom ever.
My mom didn’t care for bedtimes, rules, or schedules. She did enjoy lots of family vacations, crazy fun birthday parties, and togetherness.
She was the best mom ever.
Our life was so weird, yet so magical and what I hope sharing some of the #reallife aspects of my mom is this:
You don’t have to be perfect.
You don’t have to be a perfect mom.
You don’t have to do all the things.
My mom clearly had flaws, just like all of us, and it did. not. matter.
What did matter was that she made me feel loved, every day. She was there, no matter what. If you met her, she 100% did 2 things: made you laugh, and made you feel accepted – just as you are.
So while I do like to decorate the cupcakes, make the Lego boxes I see on Pinterest, and play dinosaurs with my kids, I know that all they REALLY need is – me. Not another mom who is an amazing cook, not another mom who likes camping – just me  My mom was enough, I am enough, and you are enough – if you know that, if you have love in your heart, and if you share that love often, then you are doing life right my friends.
March 1, 1952 – June 26, 2011


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  1. Thank you for this! Came across it while looking for the 7 month schedule. I needed to hear this today ❤️

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