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So I’ve tried about a billion different skincare products in an effort to deal with acne, redness, uneven texture, and anti-aging. Sometimes my skin is clear and happy, but other times it has brought me to tears (dramatic I know, but it’s true). At one point I was going to an acne specialist in La Jolla for monthly peels and this actually worked really well – my skin WAS super clear but it was also dry, red, and peeling from all these peels.

I found Emme Diane (she is an aesthetician in Arizona with her own skincare line) through a podcast called Good To Be Home and Mika Perry (one of the hosts) was just raving about her so I figured I would e-mail her and OMG I am so glad I did!!!! I started using her products in December 2019 and now here we are in June 2020 and my skin has NEVER looked so good. Clear, glowing, less redness – I kind of can’t believe it actually. AND we’ve been quarantined for months so I haven’t had any facials either, just at home skincare routines thanks to Emme!

Me, feeling fresh!

Anyway, here are the details about the process if you are looking for a new skincare line that actually does what it says it will do (and it isn’t just for acne prone skin, there are a variety of products for every concern). Honestly, if you check the ingredients in some popular “acne” skincare products, a lot of them include ingredients that AGGRAVATE acne! It makes me rage so much – I really appreciate that now I KNOW every product I am using is actually going to benefit my skin and not make it worse. Take all my money Emme. Also, when you do a virtual consultation with her she sends you sooooo much more than just products recommendations – she tells you what makeup you should wear, haircare that won’t clog up your skin, etc.

These are the Emme Diane products I use!

How to Get a Virtual Consultation with Emme Diane

  1. First, head here to her website to start your free virtual consultation. You answer questions about your skin and submit photos online, and then within like 2 days she writes back to you TONS of helpful information. She customizes your skincare routine and suggests exactly what to do purchase.
  2. Buy. Her. Products. Get exactly what she suggests. I love that I can use just 1 line now – I used to sort of piece together products from different lines and it is so much easier now to just stick with one product line. Her products work well together!
  3. Follow her instructions. You are going to learn the joy of icing your face, how many pumps of each product you need, what order to apply in, etc. Do this morning and night, without fail. I think this is a big part of finding skincare success, actually USING the awesome products. I know it can be annoying after a long day but it takes less than 5 minutes and makes a really big difference.

My Personal Faves

Here are some of the “extras” that I got that I ADORE. I would not lead you astray!

  1. At-home facial using 2 masks. First, I start with the Sulfur Refining Mask for 3 minutes, then I rinse off and apply the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask for about 15 minutes and rinse. I swear my skin is like a baby’s afterwards.
  2. I really like her eye cream – I apply it in the morning during my skincare routine.
  3. Emme told me to try applying 1 pump of the Tinted Mineral SPF 40 Sunscreen and 1 pump of the Illuminating Tinted SPF 58 Sunscreen and it is the most gorgeous sunscreen combination in all the land. Trust.

If you try her stuff out, let me know what you think! She also posts awesome tips and tutorials over on her Instagram account if you want to follow her there.


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