This is Part 3 of a 4 part series detailing the entire planning and remodel process for our kitchen! (You can catch up on Part 1 here and Part 2 here).

To recap, we went over the inspiration that helped me figure out how the heck I ultimately wanted our kitchen to look and function, then we planned out the nitty gritty – all the cabinetry dimensions, the placement of the island, what was moving where, etc. Now, the crazy but fun part – watching the actual remodel unfold!


To prepare for the remodel, we moved everything from our current kitchen over to our dining room, and everything from our playroom (the room the kitchen opens up to) to our living room. Our living room and dining room are part of one big room and wow did we pack it full lol. We moved our refrigerator, pantry items, microwave, the kids’ toys and desks, everything we could over. We also used a lot of paper plates during this time, and got rid of anything that we really didn’t need or love. It was an exciting few weeks and honestly, I was just so happy this was all happening that I didn’t really get antsy until the last 4 days – at about that time I was like OKAY LET ME BACK IN MY KITCHEN PLEASE!

It was 100% worth the wait though! Below you will find a short video I made showing the progress from each day, plus daily pictures I took. In Part 4 I’ll share every single final detail from the kitchen plus a bunch of “after” pictures: the appliances, hardware, countertop, lighting, everything!

Video of the 30 Day Remodel Process!

2 minute video timelapse of kitchen remodel

I love watching this video! I can’t believe how much they were able to transform. Our contractor and his crew are so wonderful and a lot of labor and love were put into this kitchen and we are so grateful!

Daily Photos Kitchen Remodel Days 1-10

A lot happened in those first 10 days! All the existing cabinetry was removed, the island and little wall taken out, and the IKEA cabinets were built. The plumbing was moved to the new island location along with some electrical prep.

Daily Photos Kitchen Remodel Days 11-20

Day 11 looks like peak disaster lol but what a difference 2 days makes! By Day 13 we could start to see our new kitchen forming 🙂 Then the cabinets were installed, the island was built, and new can lighting was placed. I also love that on Day 20 my boys made pictures for the crew, and the crew hung them up on display 🙂

Daily Photos Kitchen Remodel Days 21-30

This final stretch was the most exciting because this was when all the beautiful things made their appearance! Countertops, backsplash, paint, appliances, hardware, lighting details, oh my! I like looking back on Day 28, one of the crazier pictures right before perfection! This shows me that you gotta trust the process 🙂

Thanks so much for reading about the Remodel portion of this blog series! Make sure to check out Part 4 to see all of the after photos and to get the exact details of where I got everything for my kitchen 🙂


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